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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2007.006.0001 Certificate, Achievement   Mel's Aqua Shop   1960
2000.004.0648 Decal I Saw Big George at the Turtle Kraal, Key West, Florida      
2006.003.0016 Documents Florida East Coast Railway Company, Temporary Bond     06/23/1909
2004.002.0132 Envelope       10/28/1927
2004.002.0133 Envelope       10/19/1927
2000.004.0149 Handbill See... Key West and The Turtle Kraals      
2000.004.0639 Postcard Turtle Crawls. Key West, Florida     3/14/1952
2000.004.0640 Postcard Dock at the Turtle Crawl, Key West, Fla.     1/07/1955
2000.004.0641 Postcard Turtle Crawls, Key West, Florida      
2000.004.0642 Postcard        
2000.004.0643 Postcard Turtle Crawls, Key West, Fla     3/23/1949
2000.004.0644 Postcard Turtle Crawls, Key West, Fla     3/23/1949
2000.004.0645 Postcard        
2000.004.0646 Postcard Shrimp Boats Key West      
2000.004.0647 Postcard        
2000.004.0631 Postcard Turtle Catch, Key West, FLA C.T. American Art Colored    
2000.004.0632 Postcard Turtle Catch, some Weighing over 300 lbs., Key West, Fla. C.T. American Art Colored    
2000.004.0633 Postcard   C.T. American Art Colored    
2000.004.0634 Postcard Turtle Kraals, Key West, Florida      
2000.004.0635 Postcard Arrival and Unloading of a Turtle Boat, Key West, Florida     1955
2000.004.0636 Postcard Turtle Kraals - Key West      
2000.004.0637 Postcard The Turtle Crawls     1/24/1960
2000.004.0638 Postcard Turtle Crawls. Key West, Fla.      
2000.004.0087 Postcard Green Turtle, Key West, FLA      
2004.002.0034 Postcard Key West, Fla. Marine Hospital, from the pier     1915
2004.002.0035 Postcard U.S. Marine Hospital, Key West, Fla.     1905
2004.002.0036 Postcard Key West, Fla. Marine Hospital     1895
2004.002.0037 Postcard Entrance to U.S. Marine and Veteran's Bureau Hospital, Key West, Florida     1930
2004.002.0055 Postcard        
2004.002.0057 Postcard Florida East Coast Railway, Key West Extension, Express Train at Sea, Flori      
2004.002.0058 Postcard Florida East Coast Railway, Train Crossing Moser Channel, Key West Extensio      
2004.002.0059 Postcard Florida East Cost Railway, Key West Extension, Top of Famous Concrete Viadu      
2004.002.0060 Postcard Florida East Cost Railway, Key West Extension, Express Train at Sea, Crossi      
2004.002.0061 Postcard Overseas Highway, Florida      
2004.002.0062 Postcard Florida East Coast Railway, Key West Extension, Fishing Camp, Long Key, Flo      
2004.002.0063 Postcard Florida East Coast Railway, Key West Extension, Typical Scene, Cocoanut Gro      
2004.002.0064 Postcard The Overseas Highway      
2004.002.0065 Postcard New Overseas Highway, Above "Pigeon Key", on the Way to Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0066 Postcard Seagoing Highway to Key West, from Pigeon Key      
2004.002.0067 Postcard Seven Mile Bridge, Between Key West and Mainland, FLA.      
2004.002.0069 Postcard Bahia Honda Bridge, Highest Span of Overseas Highway on Way to Key West, Fl      
2004.002.0070 Postcard The Highway that Goes to Sea Heading for the Southernmost City, Key West, F      
2004.002.0071 Postcard Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0072 Postcard Sun and Surf at Municipal South Beach, Key West, Fla      
2004.002.0074 Postcard Souvenir Folder of Quaint Key West Fla      
2004.002.0075 Postcard Entrance to U.S. Barracks, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0076 Postcard U.S. Army Post, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0077 Postcard Parade Ground, U.S. Reservation, Key West, Fla      
2004.002.0078 Postcard Cocoa Palms and Parade Grounds, Key West Barracks, Key West, Fla      
2004.002.0079 Postcard Key West, Fla. Barracks, Cocoanut Plam Walk      
2004.002.0080 Postcard Palm Avenue, U.S. Barracks, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0081 Postcard Entrance to Naval Station, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0082 Postcard Entrance to Naval Station, Key West, Fla.     6/30/1912
2004.002.0083 Postcard Navy Yard Entrance, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0085 Postcard The Walk and Cocoanut Trees, U.S. Naval Reservation, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0086 Postcard Scene from on Top of Marine Hospital, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0087 Postcard Entrance to U.S. Marine Hospital and Veteran's Hospital, Key West, Florida.      
2004.002.0091 Postcard Key West Fla. U.S. Weather Bureau Building      
2004.002.0092 Postcard U.S. Weather Bureau, Dept. of Argriculture and Marine Hospital, Key West, F      
2004.002.0093 Postcard U.S. Weather Bureau, Dept. of Argriculture, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0094 Postcard The Southernmost U.S. Weather Bureau in Continental United States, Key West      
2004.002.0095 Postcard United States Weather Bureau, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0096 Postcard Bird's Eye View, Showing U.S. Naval and Wireless Station, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0097 Postcard Key West, Fla. U.S.N. Wireless Telegraph Station and Commandant's Quarters.      
2004.002.0098 Postcard Key West, Fla. The Navy Yard, Machine Shop and Wireless Telegraph Station,      
2004.002.0099 Postcard Commandants' Quarters, "Where the Presidnet Vacations", Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0100 Postcard        
2004.002.0101 Postcard "Maine" Burial Plot, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0102 Postcard "Maine" Monument, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0103 Postcard "Maine" Monument, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0104 Postcard Maine Monument, Erected in Honor of the Sailors Sunk in Havana Harbor, Key      
2004.002.0105 Postcard Key West Fla. Birdseye View Looking East from Jefferson Tower      
2004.002.0106 Postcard Walking Dairy at Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0107 Postcard Cottage with Cocoanut Palms, North Beach, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0108 Postcard Water Front, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0109 Postcard Navy Docks, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0110 Postcard Post Office and Custom House, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0111 Postcard Custom House and Post Office, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0112 Postcard La Brisa, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0113 Postcard School founded by the M.E. Church (south) Mission, Key West      
2004.002.0114 Postcard Convent of Mary Immaculate, Key West, Fla.     1/15/1910
2004.002.0115 Postcard Souvenir from Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0116 Postcard New Sponge Catch for Sale, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0118 Postcard Cleaning sponges, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0119 Postcard Drying Sponge, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0120 Postcard Sponge Industry, Key West , Florida      
2004.002.0121 Postcard Sponge Industry, Key West , Florida      
2004.002.0122 Postcard Turtle Catch, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0123 Postcard View from Casa Marina Hotel, Showing Most Southern Point in U.S.      
2004.002.0124 Postcard Casa Marina Hotel from Pier, Key West Fla.      
2004.002.0056 Postcard Florida East Coast Railway, Moonlight on the Ocean, Train at Sea Crossing K     1912
2004.002.0125 Postcard A Glimpse of the Casa Marina, Key West Florida      
2004.002.0126 Postcard Casa Marina Southernmost Hotel in the United States at Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0127 Postcard Over Sea Hotel Johnson Brothers, Proprietors, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0128 Postcard La Concha Hotel, Key West, Florida      
2004.002.0129 Postcard Ruins of East Martello Fort in Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0130 Postcard Entrance to Old Martello Tower No. 2, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0131 Postcard East Martello Tower and Pan American Airways Landing Field, Key West, Flori      
2004.002.0134 Postcard A Troup of Cuban Cavalry      
2004.002.0135 Postcard Patio of President's Palace, Habana.      
2004.002.0136 Postcard Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba      
2004.002.0137 Postcard Habana. El "Maine" Vista de Popa Stern View of "Maine" 1911      
2004.002.0138 Postcard Habana. Trabajos de Extraccion del Maine Cofferdam work to dig out Maine      
2004.002.0139 Postcard Dead Line, Cabanas Fortress, Havana, Cuba      
2004.002.0140 Postcard Dead-Line, and Interior of Cabannas Fortress, Havana, Cuba      
2004.002.0141 Postcard Habana: Castillo Del Morro      
2004.002.0142 Postcard Habana: El Morro desde el Mar. Morro Castle from the outside.     6/25/1916
2004.002.0143 Postcard Habana: Castillo del Morro Morro Castle     2/20/1927
2004.002.0144 Postcard Morro Castle - Castillo del Morro      
2004.002.0145 Postcard Habana Monumento a la Voladura Del Maine      
2004.002.0146 Postcard Monumento al Maine, Habana, Cuba     1/9/1953
2000.004.0258 Stereoview Shipping Turtles to New York, Key West, Fla.      
2002.006.0001 Stereoview Gallant Captain Sigsbee, Visiting the Wreck of the Battleship "Maine", Hava     1899
2002.006.0002 Stereoview "Maine Wreck from Merrit Wrecking Tug "Chief" Havana Harbor     1899
2002.006.0003 Stereoview The Maine and City of Havana, Cuba     1899
2002.006.0004 Stereoview The Wrecked Battleship Maine     1898
2002.006.0005 Stereoview U.S. Battleship "Oregon"     1898
2004.002.0038 Stereoview Sponge Market, Key West Harbor, Fla.      
2004.002.0039 Stereoview Decorating the graves of Our Fallen Heroes, Decoration Day, Manilia, P.I.     1900
2004.002.0040 Stereoview Troop H - Captain Curry - "Rough Riders"     1898
2004.002.0041 Stereoview Shipping Green Turtles, Key West, Fla., U.S.A.      
2004.002.0042 Stereoview Delivering Fresh Milk, Key West, Fla.      
2004.002.0043 Stereoview An Instantaneous View      
2004.002.0044 Stereoview       1898
2004.002.0045 Stereoview Captain General's Winter Palace and Grounds, Havana, Cuba     1898
2004.002.0046 Stereoview Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba      
2004.002.0047 Stereoview Sponge Market, Key West, Fla      
2004.002.0048 Stereoview Sponge Market, Key West, Fla      
2004.002.0049 Stereoview Sponge Market, Key West, Fla      

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