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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2006.003.0045 Book The Spanish-American War, blockades and coast defense     1899
2006.003.044 Book Reminiscences of the Santiago Campaign     1899
2006.003.0043 Book Campaining in Cuba     1899
2006.003.0040 Book The Spanish American War By Eye Witnesses     1898
2006.003.0039 Book Real Soldiers of Fortune     1906
2006.003.0037 Book With My Own Eyes; A Personal Story of the Battle Years     1933
2006.003.0036 Book On the Great Highway; The Wanderings and Adventure of a Special Corresponde     1901
2006.003.0035 Book Cannon and Camera     1898
2006.003.0034 Book Roads of Adventure     1922
2006.003.0033 Book Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis     1918
2006.003.0031 Book The Fight for Santiago     1899
2006.003.0030 Book Memories of Two Wars     1914
2006.003.0029 Book Real Soldiers of Fortune     1911
2006.003.0027 Book Picturesque; Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philipines; With Views of the Americ     1899
2006.003.0026 Book The Story of the Rough Riders      
2006.003.0025 Book The Cuban and Porto Rican Campaigns.      
2006.003.0023 Book The Rough Riders      
2006.003.0022 Book The Notes of a War Correspondent      
2006.003.0021 Book The War in Cuba     1899
2006.003.0020 Book In Cuba with Shafter     1899
2006.003.0015 Book The Bucaneers of America     1893
2006.003.0014 Book A Winter in the West Indies     1840
2006.003.0013 Book Florida: Its Scenery, Climate and History     1875
2006.003.0012 Book Shakespeares Comedy of the Tempest     1883
2006.003.0011 Book Tales From Shakespeare     1909
2006.003.0010 Book The Tempest     1926
2005.001.0001 Book The History of the Bucaniers of America Volume 1     1741
2005.001.0002 Book The History of the Bucaniers of America Volume 2     1741
2005.001.0004 Book Pirates, the Lives and Adventures of Sundry Notorious Pirates     1921
2005.001.0005 Book The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of th     1808

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