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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2003.002.0023 Drawing        
2004.002.0029 Print        
2004.002.0001 Print A Northerly View of Key West     1835
2004.002.0024 Print A Pholey Town and Plantations about it, from Moore      
2003.002.0019 Print, Photographic A Warning to Spain - Target Practice of the North Atlantic Squadron, Key We      
2003.002.0057 Print Africa      
2005.001.0025 Print Atabalipa frere de Guascar Inca ou Empereur du Perou      
2006.004.0008 Print Balza o Zattera di Guayaquil      
2003.002.0037 Print Bapteme du Roy de Congo     1747
2003.002.0032 Print Bay of Sierra Leone View of the Road in Sierra Leone     1767
2008.009.0005 Print Bonita, Albocaora, Aurataque, & fues Marini, pisceque volatiles, aliique: q     1592
2005.001.0021 Print Calloa      
2003.002.0021 Print Captured Spanish Vessels at Anchor in Man-Of-War Harbor, Key West. - View f      
2003.001.0153 Print Captured Spanish Vessels at Anchor in Man-Of-War Harbor, Key West - View fr     1899
2005.001.0026 Print Carthagene      
2003.002.0058 Print Ceremonie Funebre des Habitans de Guinee Sepulture d'un Roi de Guinee     1722
2008.009.0004 Print Cerro de Potosi     1616
2003.002.0038 Print Chasse des Poissons -volants     1747
2003.002.0052 Print Coronation of the King of Whidah, April 1725 from Merchais     1762
2005.001.0020 Print Cusco      
2008.009.0006 Print Declase argentea Belgis capta     1627
2003.002.0055 Print Desolation des Mexicains a la fin du Siecle Rejouifsances des Mexicains, a     1721
2002.006.0018 Print Die Innwohner der Barbarey     1719
2002.006.0016 Print Die Volcker don Guinea     1719
2002.006.0021 Print Die Volcker in Congo     1719
2003.002.0051 Print Don Alvaro King of Kongo giving Audience to ye Dutch, in 1642     1762
2003.002.0069 Print Dress of the Women at Kongo     1767
2007.001.0014 Print Ein Schrecklich und Unerhortes Ungewitter      
2006.003.0008 Print Engraved Diagram of the hold of the slave-ship Vigilante     1823
2006.004.0006 Print Fabbricazione d' Indaco      
2006.004.0007 Print Fabbricazione del' Tabacco      
2003.002.0020 Print Fleet Target Practice, Florida Bay The Naval Review - Key West, From the M     4/18/1874
2004.002.0053 Painting Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas     1/24/1941
2003.002.0025 Print Fort Jefferson, Tortugas (Key West), Florida - From a Sketch by a Member of     2/23/1861
2003.002.0049 Print Fort Nassau, te Moure     1747
2003.002.0024 Print Fort Taylor, Key West, Florida - From a Sketch by a Member of the Garrison.     3/2/1861
2004.002.0023 Print Gezigt van enne Stad der Fuli, en derzelver Planteryen, volgens de Reize va      
2004.002.0022 Print Grondtekening van 't Engelsee Fort en de Stad van Kaap Korso op de Kust van      
2003.002.0041 Print Habits des Negres du Cap Verd     1747
2003.002.0008 Print Harper's Weekly The Cuban Cable- Landing The Shore End At South Beach, Ne     09/7/1867
2003.002.0009 Print Harper's Weekly Wreckers on the Florida Keys     10/19/1878
2003.002.0010 Print, Photographic Harper's Weekly with Our Fleet at Key West      
2005.001.0019 Print Havana      
2003.002.0007 Print Havana Cuba      
2003.002.0043 Print Hollands Fort Amsterdam, op Kormentyn, uit Barbot Konings Fort te Manfro,     1747
2006.004.0004 Print How the Indians Mined Silver at Potosi     1602
2003.002.0059 Print Idoles de Campeche et de Iucatan Idoles de Tabasco     1723
2005.001.0024 Print Indigotoire      
2003.002.0036 Print Insects de la Gambra     1747
2003.002.0073 Print Joyaux, Ornements, & de la Cote de Guinee     1747
2004.002.0026 Print Kaap Sint Maria aan 't begin van de Straat Magellaan Een gedelte der N.O z      
2003.002.0053 Print L' Yncas consacre son Vaze au Soleil L' Yncas vient recevoir les Ofrandes     1723
2008.009.0001 Print Making a Ship in the New World      
2003.002.0054 Print Mariage des Indiens du Panama Les Parens & les Amis Defrichant la Terre qu     1723
2005.001.0018 Print Montagne de Potosi      
2003.002.0022 Print Mullet Fishing, Key Boca Chica, Florida     1929
2002.006.0019 Print Naval Commanders      
2003.002.0040 Print Negers van Kachao en Bissao, die Manioc bereiden      
2003.002.0056 Print Negro Houses on the Coast of Guinea      
2003.002.0045 Print Noord - Gezigt van de Engelsse en Hollandse Forten te Akra, uit Smith 1727     1727
2003.002.0011 Print, Photographic On Board the Flag-Ship "New York", At Key West      
2004.002.0025 Print Oost Gezigt van't Engelsch Kasteel aan Kabo Korso, getekend in 1727, door S     1727
2004.002.0028 Print Oostelyk Gezigt van het Eiland Juan Fernandes Gezight van Cumberland Baay      
2003.001.0152 Print Peruvian Dress     c. 1800
2005.001.0027 Print Ples du Perou      
2002.006.0020 Print Saint Salvador     1719
2003.002.0026 Print Sketches in Key West, Florida      
2003.002.0034 Print Spaniards     1767
2005.001.0023 Print Sucrerie      
2005.001.0022 Print Tabacs      
2003.002.0050 Print The City of Loango     1762
2003.002.0006 Painting The Mallory Line Steamer San Jacinto 1903 New York - Key West - Galveston     1991
2006.003.0009 Print The Spanish Schooner, Josefa Maracayera, of 90 Tons, 21 Seamen, with 216 Ma     1822
2003.002.0027 Print The Sponge Industry Sorting, trimming, and bailing sponges at Key West, Fl     1887
2003.002.0028 Print The Sponge Industry - Sponge-loft at Key West, Fla     1887
2006.004.0005 Print The Strange Sheep-like Creatures that Carried the Silver-Ore     1602
2009.002.0007 Print The Turtle Industry in Florida     7/23/1887
2003.002.0042 Print Tombeaus des Roys de Guinee tires de Bry     1747
2003.002.0018 Print, Photographic U.S.S. Helena Coaling at Government Dock, April 9,1898 with the North Atlan     4/23/1898
2003.002.0070 Print View of the Mountains called Sierra Leone / Houses at Sierra Leone     1767
2003.002.0039 Print Vischen van Sierra-Leona     1747
2003.002.0044 Print Vue de la Cote depuis Mina jusqu'au Maure, tiree de Barbot et de Smith     1747
2002.006.0017 Print Zaogani der Ronig der Schwartzen     1719
2003.002.0048 Print Zuid - Gezigt van't Engelesse Fort ti Dixkove, getrokken uit Smith     1747
2003.002.0047 Print Zuid - Gezigt van't Fort van Tantumquerri, door Smith      
2003.002.0046 Print Zuid - West Gezigt van't Fort Winneba, of Wimba, uit Smith, getekend 1727     1727

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