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The Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society is a
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2016 Lecture Series

The Silver Bars of the Treasure Galleon Atocha
Feb 2, 2016 . 6:30 pm
MFMM Courtyard
A presentation of PBS' History Detectives; PowerPoint and Q&A with Museum Archaeologist Corey Malcom to follow.  Lift a silver bar! (Yikes! We’ll get sued for the damaged backs and smashed toes that result.)
The primary cargo of the shipwrecked 1622 galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha was silver, most of which was found in one thousand large ingots. The examination of these silver treasure bars reveals much about the history and economy of the Spanish empire and the operation of the Atocha. A short video on the subject by PBS’ “History Detectives” will open this presentation, followed by further discussion and Q&A.

Solving a Sunken Mystery: The Archaeology of a 16th Century Shipwreck
Feb 9, 2016 . 6:30 pm
MFMM Courtyard
Lecture and power point presentation by Museum Archaeologist Corey Malcom
In 1991, the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum began research on an ancient, mystery shipwreck known only as the “St. Johns Wreck.” After many years of detective work, all evidence now indicates it is the site of the 1564 galleon Santa Clara. MFMHS archaeologist Corey Malcom will share details of the investigations - from the sea floor to the Spanish archives - that gave this shipwreck a name and allow its story to be told.

The Search for the Spanish Pirate-Slaver Guerrero
Feb 16, 2016 . 6:30 pm
MFMM Courtyard
Lecture and power point presentation by Museum Archaeologist Corey Malcom
On December 19, 1827, while attempting to sail to Cuba with 561 African captives, the Havana-based pirate slave ship Guerrero became engaged in battle with a British Royal Navy schooner; in the confusion both ships wrecked on a Florida Keys reef. In a bold, audacious move, many of the pirates escaped, but Guerrero was a total loss and never sailed again. The site of the slave ship has been the subject of a collaborative, multi-year search. MFMHS archaeologist Corey Malcom, organizer of the search for Guerrero, will present an overview of the ship’s fascinating history and outline today’s efforts to locate and document its remains on the sea floor.

The History and Archaeology of the Key West Turtling Industry
Feb 23, 2016 . 6:30 pm
MFMM Courtyard
Lecture and power point presentation by Museum Archaeologist Corey Malcom

The long-running Key West turtling industry helped to shape the island’s identity and economy for over 150 years, but it was done at an unsustainable cost to Keys and Caribbean Green Sea Turtles. The story of this unique business is examined through historical research, oral history, and the archaeological excavation of the Key West Turtle Kraals.

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